Become an Artiboard Artist

Prior to becoming eligible to sell Art works on, artists have to contact us by either using the form located at the bottom of this page or by simply sending an email with complete information about items to be sold: photos of artifacts, appraisal price and a description with specifications about each item planned for sale. If using the below form, please ensure all photographs are properly attached in specified areas and size of a single photograph does not exceed 3MB. Artiboard will review your offered Art works within 5 business days following submission and will respond with detailed instructions to sell on our website.

The old proverb says: “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”. Artiboard firmly recommends you provide accurate information about artifacts and take good quality photos of your items. If for some reason you cannot guarantee a good quality of photographs, please refer to professional photographer. Artiboard is experiencing a strong competition with a large number of online galleries and anticipates a high quality to be existent in your offers. We recommend provide more than one photo for a single Art work, preferably with and without frames, different views and angles, and expect to receive detailed specifications for each item; size, year of work creation or production, complete author information, and a comprehensive description. Artiboard does not limit sellers on quantity for information provided, however holds a firm policy on quality and content.

Please be aware that buyers are interested about details of any single Art work and may sometimes want to know more about the history of creation, circumstance, and price origination factors. It is also very important to provide information about the condition of items. Artiboard experts can also provide a free price assessment recommendation for your items if you experience difficulty in making your price determination. We also encourage authors to provide a brief summary about their professional background, career facts, past exhibitions and awards.