Artist: Ara Hakobyan
16×20  (40.6×50.8 cm cm)
Oil painting on canvas.

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Artist: Ara Hakobyan
16×20  (40.6×50.8 cm cm)
Oil painting on canvas.

Authentic, original oil painting on canvas by Ara Hakobyan created by famous Armenian painter in 2018. One of a kind painting, 20″ X 16″

Painting is shipped without frame.

Ara Hakobyan studied Art in Armenia and in Italy, practiced in Paris and Amsterdam, observing historical monuments, studying works of famous painters of the past, above all, those of Auguste Renoir, Eduard Mane, Van Gouge, Modigliani, Claude Monet, Martiros Saryan, Minas Avetisyan, Ivan Ayvazovski, Vardan Makhokhyan and others. Brightness and dramatic passion of colors in Ara Hakobyan’s paintings is dictated by the nature of Armenia and Italy and bright rays of sun, representing mysterious eternity. Held numerous individual exhibitions in Italy, France, Armenia, and in many other places.

Following the national traditions in painting, using the impressionist style and expressionist elements found in ancient miniatures and the work experience of famous artists, Ara Hakobyan demonstrates his own perception and colors and style in Fine Arts.

From the very first observation of Ara Hakobyan’s paintings one gets a strong impression of the artist’s internal culture, creativity, unique painting skills, sense of colors and character observation. Hakobyan’s art is characterized by human intimacy and lyricism, even when the picture is merely nature or “a quiet life of objects”. The interrogation is not only that the paintings are lyrical, but first of all, that almost everywhere we can evidence a sign of a man-made hand trajectory, due to which the nature is transformed into another civilization reality. In this interesting and unique way, the artist tends to see the positive aspects of man-made creatures.


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