Srapion Danielyan


Srapion Danielyan has been recognized as one of the talented painters in recent generations of Armenian artists. He has been nominated for many awards at various Art contests and exhibitions. Won the best art work contest in 2014, collected several prize awards.

Srapion traveled around Armenia a lot, looking for historical monuments, studying works of greatest Armenian painters, above all, those of Martiros Saryan who was the spiritual father for many younger generation followers. Brightness and dramatic passion of color playing of Srapion is dictated by the nature of Armenia, cliffs, combined with bright rays of sun, representing mysterious eternity.

Following the national traditions in painting, using the expressionistic methods found in ancient miniatures and the work experience of famous artists, Srapion does not make blind copies, but expresses reality by his own perception and interpretation style.

Artworks from Srapion Danielyan