Lilil Melikyan


Lilit Melikyan is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Arts and lecturer at ASPU Chair of Design and Decorative Applied Art. She is a designer who has the largest collection of Armenian traditional costumes.

She would never complete this collection of national costumes, as she believes the samples of Armenian traditional dress, the basis of the present collection as well as the heritage that belongs to the Armenian nation, is so voluminous, colorful and picturesque, that it is up to the coming generations to complement, and perhaps complete, the collection. Being an artist, she has studies in different cultures and carries out collections representing the culture of different nations.

Her major specialty was related to environment design. The subject matter of her diploma paper was the design of the Arzni canyon. She drew a project of a resort zone and made its model. Her graduation mark was excellent, moreover, her project interested the Union of Designers. Even the design of an environmental project demonstrated love towards national values.

Obtaining her second profession, years later she returned to the Pedagogical University, now as a lecturer. She was deeply involved in the ornamentation of textile and studied Armenian decorative art, types of embroidery and traditional dresses. She made “The future of the past” collection in which she used Armenian carpet and rug ornaments. The collection was unique by its stylization.

By organizing shows of creative costume collections, reconstructed by the Center, she made the Armenian national costume recognizable and lovable for different layers of society. Besides demonstrating stylized garments made on the basis of national costumes, the Center promotes the entry of different elements of the Armenian national costume into the lifestyle of modern Armenians, so that people with today’s mentality can wear them on various occasions.

Costumes, made at the Center, attract attention in Armenia as well as abroad. The collections were exhibited in the Russian Federation, the United States, several European countries, India, etc. One of the primary achievements of the Center is that the interest towards the national costume has noticeably increased among people. It is obvious, that all this was to be fulfilled by somebody and somewhere and “Teryan Cultural Center” was the one.

Artworks from Lilit Melikyan