Karine Kachaturova Matevosyan


Karine Khachaturova Matevosyan has been creating paintings over the last two decades. She was born in Baku and escaped discrimination in Azerbaijan in late 1980ies. Following immigration to America in 1991, Karine started practicing painting and art with enormous passion and love, feeling a strong vocation for it. Art has later helped her transfer fears of past years and chaos into a joy and self-realization.

Later Karine traveled to Europe and attended private lessons and art seminars in France where she got introduced to great works of impressionists and famous painters. Karine actively participated in artist’s festivals, reunions and exhibitions there.

She is currently pursuing painter’s career in the US, joining many art events and local exhibitions. Her works predominantly reflect examination of single objects and a nature, trying to discover the depth and details of any object structure. Karine’s paintings are done by oil and egg tempura on canvas.

Her favorite styles are portrait, landscape and abstract. Karine has had her art works exhibited in private galleries, along with exhibitions and international festivals. Besides painting Karine is also teaching art and Russian in local University.

She currently lives in Dallas Texas and has a goal to continue to create great works that shall inspire people around and originate endless love to fine arts among them.

Artworks from Karine Khachaturova Matevosyan