ArtiBoard – A Unique Collection of Original Paintings and Handmade Artworks, is an online art gallery to represent creations of talented artists and craftsmen to a wide audience.

ArtiBoard stands for Internet Art Board with Unique and Original artworks by presenting “One of a Kind works” of artists, without prints or reproductions. All Fine Arts works are original and handmade in ArtiBoard collection, where each artist reflected the world of their perception. Each painting on ArtiBoard comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the author and details about the artwork.  

Ayrivanq 2006


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Looking at the works of artists on “ArtiBoard Gallery”, a young gallery, born recently in the United States, one can find a real parade of styles and vibrant colors, sharp forms of modern and traditional art, unique and handmade batik paintings and finally, classical academic drawings. We proudly present our talented artists who are passionately exhibiting their original artworks with uniqueness, originality and dedication. 

It is a true Art for All, done with Love, From the Heart of talented people, and we truly hope you enjoy it!

Sincerely, Artiboard.

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ArtiBoard - Original Paintings, Handmade Artworks