“The Armenian Seascape Painters” book release; profound insight into Marine Fine Arts of World Culture Heritage

A brilliant scientific work was introduced by the Pedagogical University of Armenia earlier this month. Member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia, Doctor of Arts, Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Art Education of Fine Arts University, our well introduced artist, Ara Hakobyan managed release of the new publication “The Armenian Seascape Painters“. The co-editors of this enormous work are famous and distinguished art critics of the Republic of Armenia Vigen Ghazaryan and ASPU Rector, Doctor of Historical Sciences, and Professor, RA Distinguished Art Critic Ruben Mirzakhanyan.

Vice-rector of the ASPU Srbouhi Gevorgyan congratulated everybody present on the book’s release opening ceremony and referred to the artist’s features, quoting Robert Schumann’s words. “The artist’s duty is to illuminate depths of the human soul.” “This book is another contribution to the achievements of the 95-year history of Armenian art, emphasizing new of layers of both art and a science category that has a profound sense for everyone.”

Ara Hakobyan, the creator of the Armenian Seascape, noticed that the Armenian people have long expressed love, passion and worshiped the sea since past centuries: “We should not be overconfident in Science but be precise, as science likes accuracy. By adopting exactly this principle, this book was created, “added Ara Hakobyan. Seascape book2

Distinguished Member of the RA National Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the RA NAS RA, State Prize Laureate, Professor Vigen Ghazaryan, being the one of the editors of the “The Armenian Seascape”, underlined that a unique and enormous work has been achieved; “It is a great book of art for society and for coming generations”, he mentioned.

Photo on the right: Author of the publication, famous artist Ara Hakobyan

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor. Karen Matevosyan, head of the Art History and Literature Center Studies Department at the Matenadaran museum, after Mesrop Mashtots, urged students to become friends and use the book, to love it and to read a lot. “Nowadays, the publication of such book are very critical, the Internet has a great role today, but the basis of science has been and remains the book.”

Candidate of Ecclesiastics Satenik Melikyan, Head of the Chair of Art History, Theory and Culturology at ASPU, analyzed publication of “Armenian Seascape” noting that the main criterion for the artistic value of each work is its degree of influence on the audience, determined by the content and scientific information. The book can be considered as the sum of the author’s brilliant aesthetic thinking.


Professors of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts Tariel Hakobyan, Gagik Ghazaryan and other art critics also delivered speeches on the occasion of new book publication during the presentation.

Photo on the left: One of the most famous classics of Ivan Ayvazovski, legendary Armenian Seascape painter, “The ninth wave”

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